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    Report from the Special Interest Group from Jerusalem 2015 EABCT


    Giovanni M Ruggiero

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    Report from the Special Interest Group from Jerusalem 2015 EABCT

    Post by Giovanni M Ruggiero on Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:17 pm

    Lusia Stopa and Giovanni M. Ruggiero promoted the group meeting in Jerusalem on Thursday the 5th, showing some slides and encouraging attending people to join the discussion

    Some topics duscussed during the SIG (from Lusia Stopa's slides):

    Key questions for the SIG:
    What are the processes involved in worry, rumination and repetitive thinking?
    How do they contribute to clinical disorders?
    How can they be reduced?

    What are the cognitive processes that we need to target?
    Repetitive uncontrollable worry
    Depressive rumination
    Post-event processing in social anxiety disorder
    Recurrent intrusive thoughts e.g. OCD
    Suicidal ideation in depression
    Thoughts accompanying impulsive urges in addictions, eating disorders, self-harm etc

    Processes that might drive or underpin RNT
    Metacognitive processes
    Intolerance of uncertainty
    Other possible targets?

    How do these cognitive processes contribute to clinical disorders?
    Transdiagnostic processes
    Does this mean they are all relevant to all disorders?
    How much do we need to focus on content?
    How are the different levels of processing involved?
    How do trans-diagnostic models of RNT sit alongside disorder-specific models of psychopathology?

    How can RNT be reduced?
    What interventions are there?
    How good are they?
    What is the right balance between a focus on process and a focus on content?
    In developing more effective interventions, what is the right balance between transdiagnostic approaches and disorder-specific approaches?

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